Why Hiring a moroccan  private Driver is Essential for your Travel in Morocco :

here you find 8 raisons why you need a moroccan private driver :

1. Driving in Morocco can be challenging :

Within the major cities,there is bumper-to-bumper traffic, assertive drivers, roundabout protocol and motorcycles who weave in and out of lanes. Outside of cities, there are narrow roads with no shoulders, seemingly un-marked roads or signposts written in Arabic, and some hairpin turns which are remarkable, especially AFTER you’ve made your way through them. Hiring a private driver means leaving the tough work to him, while you simply sit back and relax.

2. You will get a Built-in Bodyguard :

Morocco is considered a safe country, but like in any place, petty crime is possible, and soccer matches, public demonstrations and certain neighborhoods are best avoided. Your private driver or guide has your best interests at heart and will always look out for you and your safety, steering you clear of any possible unsavory situation.

3. Language Interpreter:

No doubt your private driver will speak great English. However, he will also speak Arabic (both Classical and Moroccan dialect) and French. Depending on his origins he may possibly speak one of the Berber languages and/or Spanish as well. It can be a great opportunity to practice your language skills one-on-one with a native speaker.

4. Cultural Ambassador:

Hiring a private driver to tour around Morocco means having a Moroccan ambassador at your side. He can explain Moroccan etiquette, culture and traditions, even religion, in a way that no guidebook or encyclopedia can.

5. Flexibility:

If you enjoy traveling around on a crowded tour bus, being herded around by an umbrella-waving guide, having to stick to a rigid schedule and only having a minimum amount of time to visit any area, then please DO NOT consider booking a private tour with your own private driver. Private drivers offer the complete opposite. They will create a tailor-made itinerary according to YOUR taste, schedule and flexibility, allowing for stopping any time you want for bathroom breaks, photo opportunities, snacks or simply because you see somewhere you want to explore.

6. Comfort:

There comes a point in our lives when comfort wins over price. Sure, there are busses, trains and “taxi kebir” (large, typically white, shared taxis) as public transport in Morocco, and prices are inexpensive. However, seats can sometimes be hard to come by, with cramped and uncomfortable spaces and schedules which aren’t necessarily convenient. By hiring a private driver or guide, you can be assured of a comfortable, clean and stress-free ride.

7. Off the Beaten Track:

Hiring a private driver or guide to tour Morocco means leaving the main roads and touristy spots and being able to experience the real and authentic Morocco. Visiting a Berber nomad’s tent in the Sahara, or a cave-turned-home dwelling in the Middle Atlas Mountains are suddenly accessible with the help of your private driver.

8. Forever Friend:

Private drivers in Morocco are friendly and outgoing by nature. There is no way you will not make fast friends with them as you make your way through Morocco. For many travelers, they feel like the relationship established with their private driver or guide is what truly makes the trip so special.

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