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Abdellatif or (Abdo as the clients like to call him) was born in Roses valley in 1986, a small village near Ourzazat city, not far from the famous desert of Merzouga.

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Moroccofirstgate is a local tour and tourism transportation company based in Morocco, approved by the ministry of tourism and transport , specialist in Morocco Tours, customized private cultural Tours of Morocco especially luxury Morocco holidays, Hiking Trips, Morocco Camels treks, Sahara Desert tours and Marrakech or Ouarzazate daily excursions.

Get to know Abdellatif

Abdellatif or (Abdo as the clients like to call him)  was born in Roses valley in 1986, a small village near Ourzazat city, not far from the famous desert of Merzouga. In his early childhood, and like the rest of the children of the area, they frequented tourists and helped them explore the areas without getting lost in the dunes . He loved the exchange with people from all over the world and wanted to become more involved.

He became a local driver  in the area then worked with several trasport agencys and was loved by the clients, but he was also encouraged by those clients to do more with his life and maybe try to become an independant driver. And so he did, he worked with a couple of agencies, gained more experience on how to handle the tours, the land and the people before deciding to go up one more step and become a travel agent himself, and why not? He is everything a travel agent needs to be.

  • Long experience as a professional driver
  • A couple of years as a tour coordinator
  • A certifed driver/guide with big agencies
  • A charisma and a light touch with clients of all ages and nationalities

Personal Approach to Each Client.

We understand that there is no unique way to make a perfect journey that everyone will like because each person has his special needs and desires. We always listen to you first and then suggest the travel solution that is the best for you.

The High Level of Service.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority. That is why we work only with the best transport companies, qualified tour-guides, hotels and restaurants.

The Variety of Tours and Programs.

We are especially proud of our selection of tours around Morocco . Whether you want to make a multi-day trip to the Desert of Morocco or just enjoy a fascinating Excursion in 1 day trip , with us you will always find what you are looking for.

Experience and Trustworthiness.

who offer our customers a personalized and dedicated relationship in order to suit their travel needs

Friendly and Qualified Stuff.

Our entire crew is enthusiastic about their job and is always willing to assist. We all like traveling and feel that Morocco is an excellent place for you to visit. Simply contact us and we will assist you in organizing a vacation to Morocco's desert.

Best private Morocco Tours Prices.

We are glad to offer our clients the best rates on our tours, transfers and other services. our prices are always relevant and affordable.

So contact us and enjoy the finest holiday that will offer the greatest sense of belonging and enlightenment in your life of every traveler through Moroccan religions and cultures, majestic Moroccan architecture, colossal monuments, and enchanting visual & spiritual wealth of Morocco that are ready to be explored by all of you.

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