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Here you find our Morocco tours Booking Terms

Morocco Tours Booking Terms

A booking is made by completing the booking form and returning same with your deposit of 50 € per person. A Confirmation letter will be sent to you as soon as possible after receipt of your booking form and deposit.


Deposit payments can be made by electronic bank transfer, PayPal using most of the credit/debit cards or PayPal account. The remaining balance is to be paid in cash (Dirhams, USD, Euros or Pounds). Credit/Debits cards are NOT accepted locally for security reasons. All the bookings are guaranteed after we receive the deposit receipt

Surcharges :

The Company reserves the right to increase the tour cost to take account of the following: government action, currency exchange rates, transportation costs (including the cost of fuel), If the surcharge results in an increase of more than 10% of the tour cost, the Company must notify the Client as quickly as possible in order to enable him to take appropriate decisions, and the Client may then cancel the booking within 7 days of being notified of the surcharge and obtain a full refund.

Cancelation by the Client :

The Client may cancel the booking at any time provided that the cancellation is communicated to the Company in writing. Cancellation charges will be applied as shown below calculated from the day when written notice is received by the Company.

Cancellation charges apply as follows:

Less than 48 hours: 50% of the total cost
Less than 24 hours: 100% of the total cost

Child Policy:

Children aged 2-5 years are free of charge
Children aged 6-12 years qualify for a reduction of 50% when sharing a room with 2 adults (parents) maximum 1 child per family.

Amendments of the Morocco Tours & Excursions :

We will make our best to alter your arrangements but we cannot guarantee this will be the case all the time, especially in the peak touristss seasns. Should an amendment by a client be requested outside the 6 weeks before departure date might occur additional charges which we will quote on supplement.

Cancelation by Morocco First Gate Tours :

The Company reserves the right to cancel a tour in any circumstances but will not cancel a tour less than 6 weeks before departure, except for Force Majeure, Low Bookings or the Client’s failure to pay the final balance. Unless the Client fails to pay the final balance, the Company will, upon cancellation, return all monies paid. No compensation will be paid to the Client if cancellation is because of Force Majeure or Low Bookings.

Complaints :

If the Client has a complaint about any of the tour arrangements, the Client must bring it to the attention of the the Company at the time so that they may use their reasonable endeavours to rectify the situation. Failure to complain at the time will affect the Client’s ability to claim compensation from the Company. Should the problem remain unsolved a complaint must be made in writing to the Company within a reasonable period of not more than 6 weeks after the completion of the tour.

Our prices take into account the following calculations :
  • Guiding association and driver-guiding association membership fee
  • Liability insurance and driving insurance
  • Fuel costs (heavily taxed in Morocco)
  • Parking costs
  • Road tax, tolls and congestion charges
  • Vehicle maintenance, servicing and road worthiness
  • Driving accessories, sundries and cleaning
  • local guides charges
  • General office administration and maintenance
  • Business banking charges
  • Local taxes
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